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Structural Steel Educational Council

The Structural Steel Educational Council (SSEC) is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of California in 1975, for the purpose of producing and distributing educational material. The groups served are educational institutions, public officials, architects, engineers, and other persons or agencies involved with the use of structural steel in construction. This educational material is made available in the publication titled Steel TIPS.

The SSEC also helps sponsor educational seminars and events focused on assisting design professional and engineering students.

The SSEC Membership includes industry-recognized engineers, researchers and other experts in various aspects of design and construction of steel structures. Such expertise allows the SSEC to maintain a leading edge in the latest technologies for the use of structural steel in construction.


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New Steel TIPS - Electroslag Welding!!

This TIPS covers the history and uses of Electroslag welding. Advancements in the process now allow applications in high seismic regions.



Electroslag Welding Facts for Structural Engineers

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